What is the Highest score on Snapchat Ever | Full Detail

What is the highest snap score ever? This is one of the most asked questions from Snapchat users who are competing with others.

Well, the highest score recorded on Snapchat is 320 million. This is the highest snap score ever recorded on a Snapchat account. 320 million is a big figure and if you’re willing to know about the person who has a 320 million snap score then just stick with this discussion.

Highest Snap Score Ever?

The highest snap score ever recorded is 320 million and this score belongs to a person named Mustbecris. Well, we don’t know much about this personality but this is confirmed that this person has the highest snap score ever. The account name of this personality is @mustbecris. The second highest snap score on Snapchat is around 237 million which belongs to Dion-19.

Cris-this guy is the person who has the 3rd highest Snapchat score around 133 million. Not only this but there is an account named Michae861 which has around 29.9 million Snapchat scores which is the 4th highest snap score on Snapchat.

How to Find the Snap Score?

If you’re willing to know your snap score then you have to follow the steps which we have discussed below.

  • Firstly, open your snapchat account. If you logged yourself out then complete your log-in process and open your Snapchat account.
  • Now, Find the menu option. This option is available in the top-right section of your screen. This option looks like a Bitmoji that you created for your account.
  • Click on the bitmoji and wait for processing. When the bitmoji gets opened then scroll down below and reach your profile.
  • Click on the option of Profile and a new page will open on your screen.
  • Click on your bitmoji and wait for processing.
  • A new page will be opened where your bitmoji is available. You just have to scroll down.
  • The snap name, your snap score and other snapchat account details are mentioned on this page.
  • Your snap score is also written on that page.

How to get the Highest Snap Score Ever?

To get the highest Snap score ever, you have to send and receive as many snaps as you can. The snapchat score gets increased when you send and receive snaps. Plenty of people think that by chatting on snapchat they can get a snap score but this is not true. You’ll get the snap score for sending and receiving snaps on snapchat. Also, no score gets added for sending the duplicate snap again and again. So, to get the highest score on snapchat you just have to add as many friends as you can and send regular snaps to them.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed the Highest snap score ever and tell you “What is the highest snap score”. Just enjoy sending and receiving snaps over snapchat and you’ll get a higher score on snapchat. Ask in the comments if you have any other queries.

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