When you Unfriend Someone on Snapchat do the Messages Delete in 2023

“When you unfriend someone on Snapchat do the messages delete”, This is one of the most asked questions of snap chat users over the internet. Well, the clear answer to this question is “No”, when you unfriend someone on snap chat then no message gets deleted automatically. Both the persons you and your friend whom you unfriend have the access to messages which you send and receive to them.

Many people think that the message gets deleted from the other party when you unfriend someone but it’s not. The message only gets deleted when the account owner deletes the message manually in the snap chat app. If you’re willing to know about this in detail then just stick with us and follow the discussion.

What Happens When you Unfriend Someone in Snapchat

When you add someone to your friend list you get access to all the snaps which he sends to you and you can also send snaps to that person. When you unfriend someone then the person doesn’t appear in your friend list. Also, both parties (you and your friend) are unable to send and receive snaps to each other.

You and your friend both can still see the stories of each other but are unable to send snaps to each other. Also, both of you are unable to message each other. If you Want to see the story of that person then you have to do it manually.

If someone unfriended you then you would be unable to see your snap score. This rule is also applicable to your side. If the other person makes his account private and posts stories then you’re unable to see the stories of that person even if you did it manually.

If you’re able to see the profile picture of a person then this concludes that the other person didn’t unfriend you yet. Snapchat has a feature through which if you are friends with someone then you’re not able to profile until you make your profile public.

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When you Unfriend Someone on Snapchat Does the Message Delete?

As we have already discussed in the first part of our discussion, if you unfriend someone on snapchat then the message you send to him will not get deleted automatically. If you Want to delete them you have to do it manually. After unfriending someone, you still get access to all the messages which you sent and received from the person whom you unfriended.

Also, if you send some messages to him in the future then also, he will receive your messages and can send messages to you. If you want to delete the messages which we received from him then you have to do it manually.

Steps to Delete Messages on Snapchat

Want to know how to follow the steps below here are the steps to delete the message on Snapchat.

  • Firstly, open your snapchat account and make a right-swipe on the homepage.
  • Find the chat of that person whom you unfriend.
  • When you find that account then go to the messages.
  • Select the message which you want to delete and click on the option of “Delete”.
  • Wait until the process gets completed.
Note:- If you want to delete any specific message then you just have to select a specific message and delete it. If you Want to delete the complete chat then you just have to select the option of “Delete chat” in the options menu.

If you want to unfriend someone and want that all the messages will get deleted automatically then there is a way to do this. For this, you have to follow some steps which we have discussed below:-

  • Firstly, open your snapchat.
  • Make a right swipe and go to the message section of your snapchat account.
  • Select the friend who you want to unfriend and delete all the messages which you have automatically.
  • Open the chat section and tap on the options menu which is available at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Find the option of block and confirm your command.

After performing all the steps which we have discussed above, the person gets permanently locked and all the messages which you send or receive from this contact will get automatically deleted. Make sure that when you take this step then you’re not able to see his stories and anything even if you search manually.

Also, you’re not able to recover the messages which you send to him. So, if you’re blocking someone then make sure of the things which you have to face after this step.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed “When you unfriend someone on snapchat do the messages delete” and tell you about the things you face when you unfriend or block someone. This helps you to clarify the most appropriate thing for you. If you want to eliminate the person from your friend list including deleting all his messages then you can block him otherwise just unfriend him.

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